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When buying a home, bring a compass!

Why it’s important to bring a compass when looking at homes to buy.

I always bring a compass when showing real estate to my clients.  Yes, a manual compass – smartphone compass apps don’t always provide accurate results.

Knowing where you’ll see sunlight at different parts of the day is an important consideration. 

  • compass walnut creek

    Will a room get morning light? (east facing windows)

  • Will a room be light and bright for most of the day? (south-facing windows)
  • Will west-facing windows need thermal shades to regulate room temperature?
  • Do enjoy gardening?  Is there an area of the yard that would be appropriate for vegetables and/or flowers?
  • An outdoor gathering area on the east or north side is shadier on summer evenings than those on the south or west.

So, along with your tape measure, smartphone camera, notepad, and priority checklist, be sure to bring a compass – or make sure your realtor carries one!

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