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What is a real estate concierge program?

Designed to help with repairs, painting, staging, flooring, repairs and other improvements, Intero's concierge real estate program, Pinnacle, is the low-hassle way to maximize your home's value - with no cash out of your pocket before sale. Selling your house "as is" may not bring the best price, or help sell your home fast.  Here's how the program it works.

Intero Concierge Information

Call me to start the process.

I'll go through the program details, and be available to lead you through every step of the Intero concierge real estate program.

Concierge repairs before selling home

Meet with a designer.

I'll arrange for a designer to come to your home. Together, we'll make suggestions for which improvements will bring the most value to your home. The designers are independent and do not make commissions.

Professional designer provides bids

Designer gets bids for your review.

The designer will obtain bids from licensed, insured and vetted vendors. The bids you review are a fixed price and include professional project management. The vendors bids are at market rate or below due to the volume discounts we receive.  

Maximum value for your home

You choose the improvements to make.

It's your choice - you decide which improvements make the most sense to you. You can even ask to use your own vendor, if they are properly licensed and insured.

Managed real estate renovations for sale.

Work begins.

Work begins on your schedule, and is targeted towards speed and quality, so that you can sell your home fast.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Sell your house fast with Intero Pinnacle concierge

Your house is sold!

The Intero real estate concierge program pays upfront costs- you pay at the close of escrow.

I need to sell my house fast!

Buyers love a home in move-in condition.   Homes in better condition tend to sell much faster than homes in poor or "as-is" condition - especially in a slow market.  The Intero concierge real estate program is designed to sell your house fast - with no out-of pocket costs upfront.

While there are many easy and inexpensive ways to get your home ready for sale (see my blog post on this topic), this program is designed to help with the projects requiring upfront costs.  What makes this program so unique is that it can cover beyond just refreshing and staging, to include painting, power washing, flooring, hauling, packing, and repairs.  It can even cover moving, relocation, and beyond.

Maximize your home's value with Intero's Pinnacle concierge real estate service.

The Intero concierge Pinnacle home services program is available to home sellers who have a signed contract with an Intero Real Estate Services agent. The design team, contractors, and home stagers offer fair costs, and payments are deferred. You pay only when your home closes escrow or within 90 days of completion of work or services, whichever occurs first.

No hidden costs or fees.  It's that simple!

Let's Get Started!

Call me at 925-699-0031 for more program details, or use the button below for a contact form.  I'll get in touch with you at your convenience.

Pinnacle is powered by Zoom Casa Platform, a Delaware limited liability company unrelated to Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. All California contractors referred to Seller are vetted and referred by Zoom Casa, and are licensed and insured. Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. makes no representations or warranties expressed or implied regarding design, workmanship, services or materials provided by Zoom Casa vendors, contractors or sub-contractors. Intero Real Estate Services, Inc. makes no affirmative representation regarding increased value as a result of improvements or modifications made pursuant to Zoom Casa’s design team.

Terms pertaining to repayment by Seller for work performed, renovation, staging or other services provided by Zoom Casa and its contractors is determined on a case by case basis negotiated directly with Zoom Casa and Seller. Repayment is due upon the close of escrow or within 90 days from completion of work or services rendered, whichever shall first occur.

Applicable text copyright 2020, Tom Nevin, Real Estate Broker - helping to buy and sell homes in Walnut Creek, Rossmoor, Alamo, and the greater Bay Area.