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Rossmoor Floor Plans

Please note that many of the Rossmoor floor plans and models shown below have been modified or remodeled by previous owners, so room dimensions and configurations are approximate. In some cases, dens have been converted to bedrooms, and bedrooms to dens.

Looking for a unit with a washer and dryer? Level-in? A great view? While these floor plans can give you an idea of the general layout of a unit, they won't provide specifics. To get the best advice on floor plans of condos and houses in Rossmoor, please call me. I am an SRES-certified Rossmoor residential real estate specialist and can help you with any and all information you need.

I have full page, printed Rossmoor floorplans that I am happy to share with my clients. Call me at (925) 699-0031 for more information or to schedule a free, no-obligation visit to Rossmoor where we can discuss your needs.

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* Waterford at Rossmoor floor plans include daily meals and housekeeping with HOA dues. To see only Waterford at Rossmoor floor plans, click here.

** Heritage Oaks models are single-family detached homes.

How to Use the Rossmoor Floor Plan Viewer

Click on the model names at left to view corresponding floor plans.  Scroll down to see more models and floor plans. On mobile, pinch to expand view of floorplan.

Aberdeen 2/2
Alder (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Ash (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Aspen 1/2

Augusta 2/2

Bay (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Belvedere 2/2

Blue Oak (SFH Heritage Oaks**) 3/2

Bridgewater (Lakeshire) 3/2

Brookgreen (Waterford Complex*) 1/1

Buckeye (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Carmel 2/1

Carmel 2/2

Cascade 2/2

Cascade II 2/2

Cassia (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Castlewood 3/2

Catalina 2/2

Cedar 2/2

Chatsworth (Waterford Complex*) 1/2

Chestnut (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Churchill (Devonshire) 3/2.5

Claremont 2/1

Claremont 2bth 2/2

Coastal Oak (SFH Heritage Oaks**) 3/2

Cypress 1/1

Cypress (Waterford Complex*) 2/2

Daphine (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Del Monte Condo 1/1

Diablo 2/2

Doral 2/2

Earlshall (Waterford Complex*) 2/2

Eucalyptus (Eagle Ridge) 3/2

Filoli (Waterford Complex*) 2/2

Firestone 2/2

Fuchsia (Eagle Ridge) 3/2.5

Galloway 2/2

Golden Gate 2/1

Golden Gate 2/2

Greenbriar 2/2

Huntington (Waterford Complex*) 1/1.5

Inverness 2/2

Kensington (Devonshire) 2/2.5

Kentfield 2/1

Kentfield 2/2

Kentfield Expanded 2/2

Klamath 2/2

Lassen 2/2(Pinnacle Ridge)

Live Oak 3/2(SFH Heritage Oaks**)

Longwood 2/1.5(Waterford Complex*)

Magnolia 3/2

Mariposa 2/2

Mendocino 1/1

Middleton 2/1.5(Waterford Complex*)

Monterey 2/1

Monterey 2/2

Montrose 2/2

Panorama 2/2(Pinnacle Ridge)

Pembroke 2/2.5(Lakeshire)

Piedmont 3/2.5

Pinehurst 2/2

Redwood 2/2

Rosedown 2/1.5(Waterford Complex*)

Rosslyn 3/2.5

San Franciscan 2/1

Santa Clara 2/2

Santa Cruz 3/2

Saratoga 2/1

Saratoga 2/2

Sequoia 2/1

Sequoia Wrap 2/1

Sequoia Wrap 2/2

Shasta 1/1

Shelburne 2/2(Waterford Complex*)

Sherwood 2/2.5(Devonshire)

Sierra 2/2

Sonoma 2/1

Sonoma Wrap 2/2

Sonoma Wrap 2/2

Summit 3/2 (Pinnacle Ridge)

Tahoe 3/2

Tahoe II Expanded 3/2

Tamalpais 2/2

Tamarisk 2/2

Valley Oak 4/3(SFH Heritage Oaks**)

Versailles 3/2.5 (Waterford Complex*)

Villa Alhambra 1/1

Villa Barcelona 2/2

Villa Belmonte 1/1

Villa Casita 1/1

Villa Castile 3/2

Villa Cerro 2/1.5

Villa Cordova 2/1.5

Villa De Anza 2/2

Villa El Rey 2/2

Villa Encanto 3/2

Villa Francisco 3/2

Villa Grande 2/2

Villa Grande BD 2/2

Villa Loma 3/2

Villa Madrid 2/2

Villa Nuevo 3/2

Villa Robles 2/2

Villa Seville 1/1

Villa Valencia 2/1

Villa Valencia 2/2

Villa Valle 2/2

Vista 3/2

Westbury 1/2 (Watergate Complex)

Westchester 2/2

Whitney 3/2

Willow 2/2

Woodbridge 3/2

Woodside 2/2 (Pinnacle Ridge)

Wyndham 2/2.5 (Lakeshire)

Yosemite 2/1 (Lakeshire)

Yosemite 2/2
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