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When selling your home, be flexible – and ready to show!

Having a house ready for sale can be a tiring process. However, being ready to show your home at any time is very important.  The real estate market is constantly moving and evolving, so it’s vital to accommodate buyers’ schedules to sell your house quickly and for the best price.

It’s important to understand that one thing buyers don’t want to see is you.  Having the seller present at a home showing leads to unease among potential buyers, since they don’t feel free to look around.  When you’re there, they feel like a guest – you want them to feel at home.  Here are some quick tips to make the process easier.   Continue reading

Posted on June 10, 2019 at 7:50 pm
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Easy and inexpensive ways to get your home ready for sale

Thinking of selling your home? The most important and cost-effective improvements you can make to get your home ready for sale are often the least expensive and the fastest!

Buyers love properties that are move-in ready; these tend to sell the most quickly.  Alternately, houses priced at a significant discount to account for a less-than-ideal condition can attract buyers who are willing to close quickly.  Which is right for you?  Give me a call at 925.699.0031 and I can give the best advice for the current market.  Consider Intero’s Pinnacle Concierge program – a great way to make repairs and improvements with no upfront cost!

I want to sell my house fast!

When the housing market is slow, homes in better condition tend to sell much faster than homes in poor condition.

Here’s a list of some relatively inexpensive “fixes” to get your home ready for sale.  Continue reading

Posted on May 23, 2019 at 6:13 pm
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